Why Hadley?

Our clients choose us because we staff every project with the right people to ensure the right results. For every job, our project team works in unison with the owner, architect, subcontractors, and engineers.

Project Management Services

HCG provides a full range of project management services from site selection, early planning, and design stages through construction, project completion, and closeout. Our team of professionals utilizes the latest technology to ensure our projects stay on task and all goals are met.

Strong client relationships are highly important to Hadley Construction Group because we believe that success is achieved through active, dedicated connections with our clients. We carry this fundamental process into all services we provide. HCG understands working in a cooperative manner is essential to meeting our clients’ needs, along with completing the project on time and on budget. From simple consulting scopes to full-service Program Management, we have the team to get the job done right. Choosing HCG guarantees that your project will turn out the way it was envisioned. We spend the time, utilize resources, and maximize every tool at our disposal to continually innovate and improve how we deliver your next project.

Hadley Construction Group, we are committed to creating strong relationships with the teams and people we work with. These relationships directly relate to our organized Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) system, which HCG recognizes as imperative to a successful project. A unified team approach is critical to our IPD method; it allows for maximized strengths and talents, collaborative building and shared information. We integrate our people, business structures and business practices to efficiently and innovatively harness the collective knowledge and resources of all team members involved.

Our IPD approach produces results that impact each project as a whole, both directly and indirectly. Safer job sites are created through IPD, along with reduced project costs, increased efficiency and effectiveness, and optimized schedules with less waste and duplication.

Preconstruction Services

At HCG, high-quality preconstruction services are not taken lightly. The HCG team strives to meet the highest possible standards, and we produce excellent results throughout the entire building process, starting with preconstruction. Our methods have been created with a high level of detail to ensure efficiency, accuracy and thoroughness. We are confident in our preconstruction procedures; HCG can see the tangible, positive results of our methods in every project we complete.

Maintaining accurate and effective preconstruction services during every job is important to us. To ensure success in future preconstruction efforts, we makes sure that team members and personnel are sufficiently skilled and proficiently trained for each job. We provide thorough cost estimation, efficient scheduling and detailed value engineering during preconstruction, and we utilize our vast database of past project information as a source of knowledge for every new project.

Contract Administration

HCG construction administrators (CAs) will help you through all aspects of the project according to your needs and project guidelines and requirements. From the pre-development phase to final completion, we will provide you the support you need.

HCG CA’s will handle all of the operations and management of your construction projects. We will monitor contracts, process billing, keep track of documents, arrange project schedules, supervise workers, and coordinate vendors. Simply put, we will work as a liaison between all stakeholders. Our work determines the compliance, efficiency, and accuracy, of all contracts and ensures that the contract terms are adhered to.

Your trusted contruction partner